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No more

I started to blog here some time ago. The reason was my broken relationship with my boyfriend. I thought, writing about it, would help me somehow to get through. If there was a sexual desire, I let it happen to compensate the emptiness. It worked quite well, until I reached a point, where I didn’t want to get.

The last weeks I used to rethink about everything. And my girlfriend helped me a lot. I told her about the blog and at first, she was shocked, I wrote nearly everything down here. But more important, she was disappointed, I didn’t come and talk to her at first.

She is not interested reading my posts, but she was glad, I never published her name. I promised her to stop writing anything else about us. I will not delete any previous posts, but don’t expect to find more to come :(.

We are still together, but her trust decreased. I hope, our love is strong enough to repair everything :).

I guess, most of you understand my decision. Those, who don’t, I don’t care.

Thanks folks for everything. There are some awesome people out there. Keep going.

Kiss and Bye

Vor 3 Jahren gepostet

Don’t rely on “nice” guys :(

I knew his favors from the beginning and I didn’t mind, but now I’m finished with him.

The sex was really good and his cock fit nicely, but he changed his behavior over time from gentle to almost angry.

I don’t like pain in any way. Being stretched to the max is fine as long as it doesn’t hurt. It also doesn’t bother me being slapped on my ass or pulling and biting my nipples, as long as he doesn’t overplay. And I will definitely let him know, when he reached the limit.

But he went too far more than once and told me, he was in such a rush, he couldn’t stop. That’s no excuse.

I’m fine now and maybe slow down my sexual relationships, especially when I met the person some hours ago ;).

Thankfully I have my best friend and I know, she is always there when I need her.

We talked a lot last night and I realized how much I missed her. And being together with her in bed is totally different to any guy I ever had. And this is exactly, what I want in the near or far future.

I love big hard cocks and the tasty cream coming out of them, but I really don’t want that stuff around it.

Thanks to the sex toy industry, they have something analogous for girls like me ;).

Unfortunately there’s no real cum, but you can use different kinds of liquids :).

Kiss, dv

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Use me like that

Sometimes life changes and sometimes these changes happens all at the same time.

I had vacation and was almost offline all the time. New project at work that keeps me very busy and send me on a large amount of business trips.

My boyfriend fell in love with another girl, while I was not around and obviously she doesn’t accept our three- or twosomes ;). He didn’t decide against me, but for her, so I have no problem with that and told him, we can fuck together, when she doesn’t bring it ;).

In the meanwhile I met a really nice guy in the north of Germany and we had a night nearly like the couple behind the link ;).

I’ll meet him again in two days. He’s older than me and he thought, he had a lot of sexual experience … until he met me :P.

He is very gentle and generous, but he can also be the wild animal a dirty girl like me needs certain times.

Next up: have some nice videochat with him ;).

Kiss, dv

Vor 3 Jahren gepostet

Helping hands

Something I could never get done alone, but with the help of my girlfriend yesterday evening it was possible and I loved it :).

It still isn’t completely tight again, maybe I can also blame the visit of my boyfriend this morning ;).

My pussy is already soaking wet, but this time I’ll take care by myself and give my butthole a little break ;).

Kiss, dv

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hey,thought i was horny but you really take it to another level! your stories are pretty damn hot, hun...:)
found-from-flicr fragte

Thanks. Like it to read, that others getting as horny as me.

Your posts also keep me wet :).

Bye, dv

Vor 3 Jahren gepostet

Bad bad alcohol

I still have a headache, but no vacation today :(.

Like almost every year I should not celebrate father’s day this way: hot weather, a lake, few girls with few clothes, a lot of horny guys and even more alcohol.

It got a little bit embarrassing for me … again, because I lost all my remaining constraints.

I didn’t know these guys, but they were really cute and we had a lot of fun. My girlfriend and I liked to tease them, so we kissed and squeezed each others boobs.

But I didn’t stop and rubbed my back on one’s lap. I felt a huge response ;). He grabbed my tits, but I didn’t care and let him go on.

Another guy got in front of me and opened his pants. Yeah, big-cock-party!!! :)

I sucked his dick and he grabbed my hair to pull me against his belly. I started to choke when he shot his cream deep in my throat. It was ok, even not as good as Peter’s ;).

In the meanwhile the guy I sat on, grabbed my skirt and panties and pulled them down. Afterwards he got rid of his pants and his cock was as huge as I expected it. He grabbed my pussy and rubbed his cock with my juice, but when he tried to insert his dick in my cunt, I took his cock and directed it to my butthole.

Long time ago I had a boyfriend, who didn’t want to fuck my ass, but this was the only exception ;). Guys love anal!

His cock slipped inside my ass and he tried to fuck me hard from the beginning. I guess, he was an anal-virgin. His luck, I’m an anal-pro :D. So it grabbed my cheeks and stretched my hole, so it was easier for his huge cock.

Only a few times getting completely in and out of my butt, he shot his cum over my ass. My girlfriend watched all the time and got horny too. She came to me and licked all the cream off my butt.

The other guys also wanted to have a turn and I guess, I had cocks inside every hole and maybe more than one in my ass. I can’t remember what was happening after the first two, but my girlfriend told me, because she had far less alcohol than me ;).

I woke up in my bed and the sheet was covered with lot of male juice, but she lied beside me and we didn’t pick up any of the guys. My whole body glued and I smelled like I slept in a tube full of sperm. A shower session of half an hour and I felt better :).

Next year I promise to myself to celebrate father’s day without with less alcohol, so I will probably remember possible orgies :D.

Kiss, dv

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It was a really hot weekend and I still have problems to walk straight ;).

Saturday night I was on tour with my both friends. Enough city clubs last weeks. This time we got to a lake, lots of people there, chilly music. We found a place near the water, a little bit hidden and dark, right place to put our beach blanket and lay down.

All of us three do like alcohol, but we don’t like drinking until unconsciousness, so we brought two bottles of red wine with us. Shortly after each having a plastic beaker of wine, I started kissing her and he watched us.

Our tongues played together, while our hands squeezed each others breasts. Both of us had a tank top, she wore jeans hot pants and I got a skirt (like always when it’s warm outside). She pulled her top over her head and I retained it there, starting licking her nipples and biting them. They got hard and I drew circles around them and sucked as much of her breast in my mouth as it was possible.

She moaned and I felt my skirt being pushed up, so watching only was over for him. No panties today, his tongue got access to my both holes with ease and he digged deep inside them. Then he pushed his hot and hard piece of male flesh a few times in my soaking cunt to cover it with my juice and continued to intrude my ass without any resistance.

When he got all of his dick inside my butt, he pulled it out again, torn apart my cheeks, spit into the dark gaping hole and slowly pushed his cock back in to the max. He did it like this a few times without increasing speed and I loved it, especially when he made my butthole gape.

Then he stopped and told me to get up and bend over. He sticked his fingers in my ass and stretched it, while licking the spot between my holes making my sigh louder and louder.

In the meanwhile she dropped her pants and sucked his cock completely in her throat while squeezing his balls. Her ass was up in the air, so I sticked my fingers in and stretched her butthole, too. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to put my tongue inside :(.

She turned around and I lay on her, so he got four beautiful greedy holes in a row right in front of his cock. He fucked our asses alternating, but couldn’t hold it for a long time. I felt his warm cum being shot deep inside my gut and his fingers spreading my asshole afterwards, so his cream flowed out and dropped directly into her gaping butthole.

I got down from her and licked all the cum from her butt and pushed my tongue deep inside her gaping ass. Then I pushed my fingers inside her until my whole hand was inside. I fisted her butt, while she rubbed her clit until she came with a huge orgasm.

Then I got on my knees and his cock was hard again, so he fucked my ass, while she put her hand in my wet pussy. His dick hit her hand each time and they got faster and faster. I screamed loud, when I squirted all over her arm and he shot another load of cream in my ass. This time she licked my butthole clean.

We dropped all our clothes and cooled down in the lake.

Kiss, dv

Vor 3 Jahren gepostet
Vor 3 Jahren gepostet

Progressing Peter

This wasn’t planned at all, but I went home for lunch … with Peter ;). I guess, I’m in a spendable mood today :).

Both of us had a small pizza and a milk shake (long ago, I had a raspberry again). The only thing I was interested in was the dessert ;).

He was a bit nervous entering my home and not the braggy guy from the office anymore. Maybe he wasn’t sure, what would be going on.

I decided to stay in the living room and bent myself over the couch pulling my skirt, so he could see my red transparent panties. He got behind me and pulled them up and they slipped between my butt cheeks and divided my labia.

Then I felt his tongue pushing the material and his nose bumping my butthole. He licked and sucked really good and I got more and more wet.

He completely took off his clothes and slowly ripped down my panties and continued spoiling my greedy holes by using nothing but his lips, tongue and nose.

I pushed my ass harder in his face and he sucked more and more until I nearly had and orgasm. But he stopped and I felt his fingers drawing circles around my somewhat gaping asshole. The circles got smaller and smaller until his closed hand was on my spot.

He slowly pushed his hand in my ass and when he got up to his wrist, he started fucking my butt with increasing speed and moving his hand in circles inside my gut. I squirted multiple times and he pulled out his hand causing a prolapse.

I turned around and saw his cock totally covered by my juice. So I got on my knees and sucked his dick so tempered, that he quickly shot a huge amount of his delicious cream deep in my throat and I swallowed every single drop with enormous pleasure.

He started getting his clothes back on, while I fetched some new panties ;).

I’m not really interested having a small dick inside my pussy or ass, but maybe I’ll give it a try next time.

Kiss, dv

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i wanna do that…

Me, too ;).